I discovered Zelda many years ago, in the 1980’s, long before I opened a shop of my own. The pieces I loved most were ones that celebrated the detailed, almost Katherine Hepburn like style of the 40’s: cool jackets with shoulder pads and deep pockets, pleated pants and velvet jackets and skirts with dozens of tiny buttons. The line still has many of those delicious qualities but has also evolved over the years into a more modern look. There’s still a wink to that exquisite detail work in their coats and jackets; little homages to a time when that sort of tailored style ruled the day. They now also make beautiful lace shirts and embroidered velvet jackets, wool crepe slacks and long bead trimmed wool crepe coats. It’s an elegant, feminine, chic/casual look and we all still love it and what we feel when we wear it.

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