I first saw Jane Mohr’s wonderful line of clothing, Dressed to Kill, through an old friend who had disovered the line at a Tribeca shop and felt it suited her sensibilities perfectly, and wanted me to discover it as well. I did, and never looked back. They have a wonderful Japanese look to their collection in terms of fabrics and shapes, although it is designed and made in Los Angeles. Many pieces are oversized and meant to fit loosely on the body in an architectural way. The fabrics are textured and dyed sometimes, but they also love to work with fine cotton plaid flannels, silk taffetas, and pleated polyesters. Each piece has a life of it’s own. We’ve discovered since bringing them into our store that we have many customers who adore this line, look fantastic in it, and happily await it’s next delivery. it is indeed very collectible. One piece can be worn in many different ways to keep them from ever going out of style.

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