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BIELLA is the last knitting mill operating in Reading,PA, having chosen to stay and find ways to make manufacturing viable in the US. They did so simply because they would not have felt very good about themselves as a family if they had rewarded their employees by shipping their jobs to a foreign country. They have in turn been repaid by the dedication and continuing loyalty of a very skilled workforce, many of whom have been with them for decades. We love their socks and tights and have carried them from the first day we opened. Their socks range from the super soft comfort of the Alpino trouser sock, to their beautiful Argyle knee socks,to the luxury of their cashmere and cashmere blends, and the fun of their delightful polka dots socks. We also carry their Men’s socks.

ILUX creates a wonderful, quality collection of Socks and Tights in cashmere, cotton, and wool blends in large selection of unique designs.