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I started making the Fingerless Gloves back in 2003 at the suggestion of a friend who was a photographer and needed her fingers free but whose hands were always cold. I have found that cell phones has launched the fingerless glove into a “here to stay” phenomenon. People with temperature sensitive hands wear them indoors in the winter months. I make them in many different styles and colors.

I love to ski so I made my first Neck Gaitor was made for myself and then friends and customers at the store started to ask for them so I began making them for the store. They are great to wear in place of a scarf for any physical activity where a scarf might  be too much fabric and inhibit easy movement. In  very cold or windy weather you can easily pull them up across your mouth and nose. They are reversible and very warm and hand or machine washable on the hand wash cycle/cold water /line or towel dry.

The Cashmere and Wool Balls are just fun and in my desire to re-cycle as much as I possibly can, they are made from the scraps at the studio and stuffed with cashmere scraps as well. They are a great baby gift or just something to collect or play with. Definitely not recommended for pets to play with.