Bee Bowen is a Botanical dye artist and one of the most wonderful I’ve ever seen. She prints onto beautiful 100% silk or silk charmeuse and 100% merino wool, creating unique, one of a kind scarves that are a celebration of leaves, ferns, seed pods, herbs and flowers. I met her at an artist’s show in NY and we talked for quite a while about her approach. Being someone who adores dye artists and often collaborates with them in my own cashmere line, I am endlessly fascinated by the possibilities of what can be done. Here is the second collection we have received from Bee and it includes two of her dyed shirts as well. I hope we will work with her for many years to come. All of her scarves are dyed and hand stitched in her studio in the countryside outside of London, England.

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Original price was: $265.Current price is: $170.