I discovered Controfigura in a small NYC clothing show that specializes in unique textiles and artist created, sustainable clothing companies. I felt as though I had entered a secret art gallery filled with artists whose work was unknown to me as I looked through their new collection. The artwork was the most extraordinary I had ever seen woven into a scarf. The silk was deliciously light and luminous. The scarves were extra large and not quite square. They draped beautifully around the neck and down the body. They also have a line of pajamas, dresses and  jackets that I love. Ottrotredici is a sister Italian company who shares many of Controfigura’s sensibilities artistically. I am delighted each time I see their new collection of artists and their work. Some scarves are created in a traditional mode in terms of imagery and others are fantastical and full of humor and eccentricity. Enjoy!!