I go back a long way with CP Shades. My girlfriends and I have been wearing their beautiful clothing since the 1980’s. I still have and wear shirts that I’ve had since those days. They are all about natural fabrics (cotton, linen, silk, flannel, velvet) in classic wearable shapes and most particularly all about color. Each shirt, jacket, skirt, dress and pant is designed to come in a wide variety of fabrics, many of which are overdyed stripes and plaids and embroidered cottons, with an emphasis on a vibrant and ever changing palette of colors. Each store that carries CP Shades, carries it’s own unique version of the brand by virtue of the combinations of styles, fabrics and colors they choose each season. And on top of that…for 40 years CP Shades has made the commitment to produce all the garments in their beautiful facility in San Francisco in a conscious and sustainable way.

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