What fascinated me when I discovered the Harari line at their beautiful stores in Los Angeles in the 1990’s was that their clothing was the unusual combination of beautiful Asian influenced textile designs which they were creating, mixed with a vintage style, also mixed with exquisite tailoring and craftsmanship. I have some of their jackets and shirts from 30 years ago that are still my “go to” favorites. Some of their velvet, crepe and silk jackets are inspired by Japanese kimonos, and their silk/crepe pants and draped or fitted tops create elegant, one of kind looks. But it’s their unique textiles that win the day for me. I’ve visited their studios and seen the rolls of fabrics that go back to my earliest memories of their clothing. It’s a treasure trove, and they are still going strong. They have been creating specific designs just for our store in the last few years and I am so happy to share their unique creativity and style with you. Many of the pieces we receive are one of a kind pieces, although if we don’t have the piece you love in your size, we may be able to custom order it for you.

Original price was: $370.Current price is: $150.