We have carried URU for many years and they will always be a cherished part of our store. Their designs and fabrics are timeless, wonderfully creative, and always evolving. They create their own printed and textured fabrics, often with a nod to the masters of the art world, to urban and rural landscapes and architecture, and to exquisite photography. They then over-dye the fabrics in a beautiful palette of colors. Their shapes are relaxed and easy to wear: from the classic “travel jacket” to their many wonderful shaped shirts and tunics, pants, skirts, jackets and dresses, made in a variety changing prints and colors and fabrics (mostly silks and velvets). Their colors, shapes and patterns mix and match beautifully with each other.
The line was made for many years in a “one size fits most” sizing but they have now created a smaller size (Size 1) that fits an (S/M) sizing. They are creative, whimsical, collectable pieces made with beautiful natural fabrics that you will wear for years and years. They are easily hand washable and travel well.

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