I fell in love with textiles as a child. My grandmother was a devoted knitter and I adored my grandmother. She taught me to knit when I was very young and I have always loved to make things with my hands and feel inspired by the way colors vibrate with life as they blend or contrast when knitted or woven next to each other.
When I transitioned from hand knitting and began to work on Japanese Knitting machines in 2003 it was a revelation to discover that I could create a collaboration with the technology of these complex machines. From those early years of experimentation came the beginnings of my collection as it is today. I keep experimenting with color and design, and collaborate also with other artists, particularly dye and crochet artists, to expand ideas and refine techniques and designs.
I work in cashmere yarns from Scotland and Italy. it is a wonderful fiber to work with and a pleasure to wear against the skin. I still feel the thrill of combining and playing with color and often thread as many as 16-24 colors at once through 8-12 separate threaders when I sit down to work. I use the knitting machines in unorthodox ways to produce fabrics that I have never seen before to make scarves, hats, gloves, shawls and sweaters that are wonderfully warm, deliciously soft, and beautifully crafted.
For the most part, the pieces in the photos are available in the store, although the dyed pieces are one of a kind. I work alone in my studio and can make relatively few pieces a year depending on other work commitments, but please do check in frequently if you are interested in what I’m dong, as new things are often being completed and put onto the site.