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The Patterned and Striped Scarves have always been at the center of my knitwear collection. They are made from two very fine threads of 100% Scottish and Italian cashmere. Many are improvised and are one of a kind pieces.  Some designs are made in a small production of 4 or 5 a year. They are hand manipulated on Japanese knitting machines and hand tied as I am working. They are inspired by a lifetime love of color and of textiles from around the world.
I also knit scarves in solid colors to send off to dye artists who will do their magic and send them back to me for blocking and finishing. At present I am working with Ann Katzen, who is a master Shibori dye artist in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and Arline Reilly who is a local Berkshire dye artist and has her own beautiful, unique style and dye technique.
The Two Toned Ribbed Scarves are made in many two-color combinations. We often have between 15-20 colors combinations in stock. It is possible to have a color combination custom made just for you or as a gift..
The SARA Scarves are plated ( a technique that creates two separate designs on each side of the fabric). They have a running, zigzag rib design on the front and a striped design on the back and can be worn on either side.
All of the scarves have matching or contrasting Hats and Gloves to go with them. All are hand or machine washable on the delicate/handwash cycle. Cold water only/ line or towel dry.