The Artistry of Galadriel Mattei


From the moment we got our first Galadriel Mattei sweaters, scarves and hats in the store five years ago, I knew I had stumbled upon a unique Los Angeles artist who has chosen to work with re-purposed cashmere fabrics as her medium. She finds cashmere sweaters of all shapes, sizes and designs; (pullovers, zip hoodies, v-necks, and cardigans) and puts her wonderful stamp on them by cutting, dyeing, embroidering, appliquéing and adorning them to create her own designs.

The result is one of a kind pieces that look like no one else’s. She is truly one of the most original dye artists I have ever seen. We receive only one shipment a year in the Fall and we wait for the delivery to arrive with great excitement. Here’s a glimpse of this year’s gorgeous stash of cashmere sweaters.

See the Galadriel Mattei Collection