Discovering Raga & Yavi: a Brilliant Collaboration of Artists

Raga Yami Silk Blouses

This past Fall I came across an extraordinary line of 100% silk, cotton and wool hand painted and printed dresses, blouses and coats that have been created from a collaboration between two female artists: one from France and the other from India. Together as painters and dyers they have made a line of clothing like none I have seen before.

The fabrics are unique in their design, richly colorful, with exquisite craftsmanship in their construction. The buttons are fabric covered, many of the the dresses have pleated bodices and wonderful deep side pockets, they are loose, flowing, romantic, easy to wear, affordably priced, and just simply beautiful.

The lines are called RAGA and YAVI and here are a few of the gorgeous pieces we now have in the shop. Welcome to our site and our shop.

See the Raga / Yavi Collection