On The Road with Alquema

Alquema dresses

Alquema’s designer Virginia Rouse began as a photographer on film sets in the ’90s where she developed her eye for detail, structure and texture. On her travels to Japan, she fell in love with the Japanese approach to textural design and took inspiration from fashion icons Issey Miyake and Yohji Yamamoto in their groundbreaking approach to laser cut pleating.

Moving in her own unique direction, she has created a versatile, flattering, affordably priced and travel-friendly line of dresses, jackets, blouses and pants that have a stylish, relaxed feel about them.

We look forward to seeing every new season’s colors and innovations. Sizes are 0/1/2 (S,M,L) and dress prices range from $200-$255. Designed and made in beautiful Sydney, Australia.

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